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Tianjin Yuanlong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd has been specializing in the export business of the chlor-alkali chemical industry chain for over 20 years, holding a significant market share in the global chemical products sector.We have a global supply chain network and international certifications, ensuring product quality and safety.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality, customized one-stop procurement solutions. Through continuous innovation and efficient supply chain management, we drive the development of the chlor-alkali industry chain to meet global market demands.

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Application of chlor-alkali products

Chlor-alkali products play a wide and important role across various industries.

We hold multiple international certifications

Ensure adherence to standard international quality management systems.

Bureau Veritas
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Stable Quality

We ensure that every batch of products strictly adheres to quality standards, guaranteeing consistency and reliability.

Third-Party Testing

We support third-party testing by SGS, BV, and Intertek, ensuring objectivity and transparency in product quality.

Stable Supply

We possess strong supply chain capabilities, ensuring we meet the continuous supply needs of our customers.

After-Sales Quality Tracking:

We provide comprehensive after-sales tracking services to resolve any issues customers may encounter during use.

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