Caustic Dilution Plant

Caustic Dilution Plant

Our 3000L Caustic Dilution Plant is designed to provide efficient and reliable dilution of caustic soda (NaOH) for various industrial applications. With state-of-the-art construction and materials, our plant ensures high durability, safety, and performance.

  • High Corrosion Resistance: Constructed with SS316L, a highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Efficient Cooling System: Features a cooling tower with a fan and louvers, and a 2.2 kW pump with a flow rate of 18000 L/h.
  • Advanced Cleaning Mechanism: Equipped with a CIP cleaning ball that rotates under high pressure (3-4 bar) for thorough internal cleaning.
  • Accurate Monitoring: Includes a pH probe and radar level gauge for precise monitoring of the solution’s pH and liquid levels.

What is Caustic Dilution Plant ?

Our 3000L Caustic Dilution Plant is designed for efficient and safe dilution of caustic soda (NaOH), suitable for various industrial applications. The equipment can quickly and evenly dilute caustic soda to the required concentration, ensuring an efficient and stable dilution process.

Equipped with an advanced monitoring system, it can continuously monitor the pH value and liquid level of the solution in real-time, ensuring consistent solution quality. The high-efficiency cooling system can rapidly lower the solution temperature to prevent overheating.

The CIP cleaning ball can rotate and spray at high pressure, automatically cleaning the inner walls of the tank, ensuring that the equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each use to avoid contamination. The equipment is made of highly corrosion-resistant materials, ensuring safety and durability in long-term use.

Technical Parameters

Tank MaterialSS316L Stainless Steel
Tank ThicknessInner wall 5mm, Jacket 3mm
Cooling System2.2 kW circulation pump, flow rate 18000 L/h
Cleaning SystemCIP cleaning ball, high-pressure cleaning water (3-4 bar)
Monitoring SystempH probe, radar level gauge
Filtration System100 mesh pipeline filter
Processing Capacity3000L solution, approximately 4.575 tons of 50% caustic soda solution per batch
Power Consumption6-7 kW
NaOH Feeding Ratio50% concentration, specific gravity 1.525
Processing Time per Batch110 minutes
Daily Processing Capacity12 batches in 24 hours
Daily Solid Caustic Soda Requirement27.456 tons
Daily Caustic Soda Solution Output54.9 tons (50% concentration)
Raw Material Requirement98% flake caustic soda: 28.016 tons, 99% granular caustic soda: 27.733 tons

Operation Process

  1. Water infusion: 3000L of water is injected into the tank, which takes about 30 minutes.
  2. Add solid alkali: Add 2.288 tons of sodium hydroxide solid, about 30 minutes.
  3. Stirring: Start the stirring system, stirring time is 15-30 minutes.
  4. Delivery: 3000L solution is delivered to the storage tank, which takes about 20 minutes.
  5. Total time: Approximately 110 minutes per batch

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The Caustic Dilution Plant is securely packaged in sturdy wooden crates to ensure safe transportation and handling.


Caustic Dilution Plant requires adequate space to ensure safe and efficient operation. Typically, you will need a dedicated area of approximately 10 meters by 5 meters to house the equipment, allow for maintenance access, and accommodate any ancillary components. This space should also account for safe circulation paths for operators and maintenance personnel.

The standard 3000L Caustic Dilution Plant includes the dilution tank, mixer, cooling system, pumps, pipelines, control system, pH probe, radar level gauge, and CIP cleaning system. Optional components that you may consider include:

– Additional filtration units for finer particle removal.
– Enhanced control systems for integration with existing plant automation.
– Additional storage tanks for increased production capacity.
– Safety and monitoring devices for enhanced operational safety.

Regular maintenance involves checking and replacing consumables such as pump seals, pipeline filter screens, and clamp gaskets. It is also essential to inspect the CIP cleaning system, pH probes, and radar level gauge to ensure they are functioning correctly.

The equipment features an integrated CIP (Clean-In-Place) system with a rotating cleaning ball mounted on top of the tank. The cleaning ball uses high-pressure water (3-4 bar) to effectively clean the tank walls, ensuring thorough hygiene without the need for manual intervention.

The plant processes 3000L of solution per batch, taking approximately 110 minutes per batch. In a 24-hour operation cycle, it can process up to 12 batches, producing 54.9 tons of 50% caustic soda solution per day, with a power consumption of 6-7 kW per batch.

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