Caustic Soda Liquid

Caustic Soda Liquid, chemically known as sodium hydroxide (NaOH), is a strong alkali characterized by its high reactivity and corrosive nature. It is a colorless, odorless liquid, typically found in concentrations of 30% to 50% in water.

  • Molecular Formula : NaOH
  • UN Number : UN1824
  • CAS Number : 1310-73-2
  • Hazardous Class: 8
  • Grade : Industrial Grade
  • HS Code :2815120000

What is Caustic Soda Liquid?

Caustic soda liquid 48% is a colorless, transparent liquid primarily composed of sodium hydroxide. It is highly corrosive and strongly alkaline, widely used in industries such as chemical manufacturing, papermaking, textiles, and detergent production. Caustic soda solution should be stored in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight and isolated from acidic and flammable substances. It is typically packaged in plastic drums or specialized storage tanks, and transportation must comply with relevant regulations to ensure the integrity of the packaging. Through proper use and management, caustic soda solution can play a crucial role in various industries, enhancing production efficiency and product quality.

Technical Parameters

ItemSpecificationsTest ResultsUnit
Assay (as NaOH):49.0 min49.52%
Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3):0.2 max0.023%
Sodium Chloride (NaCl):0.03 max0.0023%
Iron (Fe):20 max3ppm

Safety Is An Important Guarantee

Safety is our top priority. 

To ensure your safety while using Caustic Soda Liquid, please be sure to download and carefully read the accompanying Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

This document provides detailed safety guidelines, including how to handle potential hazards, accident response, and proper storage methods. It will help you understand and safely use Caustic Soda Liquid, ensuring personal safety and environmental protection.

Packaging:1500kg IBC drum

Support customize the packaging materials


These containers, known as Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC), are specifically designed for storing and transporting caustic soda liquid. IBC containers are typically made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which has excellent chemical resistance, effectively preventing corrosion from the caustic soda solution.

The external metal frame, made of galvanized steel or stainless steel, provides additional mechanical strength, ensuring the stability and safety of the containers during handling and transportation.


The standard capacity of an IBC container is usually 1000 liters (approximately 1 ton), and its modular design makes it easy to stack and store, saving space and transportation costs. These containers are also equipped with sealed lids and bottom discharge valves, making them convenient to operate and use, and ensuring that there are no leaks during transportation.


Our Caustic Soda Liquid has a concentration of 49% sodium hydroxide (NaOH), making it highly effective for various industrial applications.

The 49% concentration of Caustic Soda Liquid offers a balanced solution that is both potent and manageable. It provides precise control over dosing, ensuring efficient pH adjustment and chemical reactions. Its liquid form facilitates easy handling and rapid integration into various industrial processes.

Caustic Soda Liquid 49% is widely used in water treatment, chemical manufacturing, textile processing, and the production of soaps and detergents. Its liquid form ensures easy mixing and handling in various processes.

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