PP Raffia Grade-T03

T03Polypropylene Raffia Grade – T03 is a polypropylene homopolymer characterized by its excellent tensile properties and good processability. This grade offers high mechanical strength, resistance to water, corrosion, mildew, and abrasion, ensuring long service life for the products made from it.

  • Molecular Formula: (C₃H₆)ₙ
  • CAS Number: 9003-07-0
  • Grade: Industrial
  • HS Code: 3902100090

What is PP Raffia Grade-T03?

Polypropylene (PP) is typically classified into several types, including homopolymer polypropylene (PP-H), which uses pure propylene as the raw material and has high rigidity and heat resistance; copolymer polypropylene (PP-C), which includes a small amount of ethylene in the raw material for improved toughness and impact strength; random copolymer polypropylene (PP-R), which uniformly distributes a small amount of ethylene in the raw material for high transparency and excellent impact resistance; 

polypropylene fiber (PP-F), which uses specially treated propylene raw materials for textile and non-woven fabric applications. Among these, Raffia Grade-T03 is a type of raffia-grade fiber polypropylene specifically used for producing textiles, ropes, packaging straps, and woven bags. It has good tensile strength and abrasion resistance, making it highly suitable for applications requiring high strength and durability.

Technical Parameters

ltemTypical ValueQuality IndexUnit
Tensile strength at yield≥30.032 7MPa
Tensile strength at broken≥16.027.9MPa
Stretching broken column nommal strain≥150540%
Isotactic Index≥96.097.5%

Safety Is An Important Guarantee

Safety is our top priority. 

To ensure your safety while using PP, please be sure to download and carefully read the accompanying Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

This document provides detailed safety guidelines, including how to handle potential hazards, accident response, and proper storage methods. It will help you understand and safely use PP, ensuring personal safety and environmental protection.


PP is typically packaged in 25kg bags

When transporting PP in containers, a small container can hold up to 17 tons, while a high cube container can accommodate up to 28 tons.

Support customize the packaging materials

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PP Raffia Grade-T03 is a versatile polypropylene resin used for various applications requiring high tensile strength and durability. Its primary applications include:

  • Woven Bags: Ideal for producing strong and durable woven bags used in packaging agricultural products, cement, and other bulk materials.
  • Industrial Fabrics: Used in manufacturing industrial fabrics such as tarpaulins, geotextiles, and sacking.
  • Ropes and Twines: Suitable for making high-strength ropes and twines used in agriculture, marine, and industrial sectors.
  • Construction Materials: Utilized in the production of construction materials like mats, nets, and reinforcement tapes.

PP Raffia Grade-T03 exhibits several important properties that make it suitable for high-performance applications:

  • High Tensile Strength: Provides excellent strength and durability, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.
  • Good Processability: Easy to process using conventional extrusion and weaving techniques.
  • Chemical Resistance: Exhibits good resistance to chemicals and environmental stress, ensuring longevity in various conditions.
  • UV Stability: Enhanced UV stability makes it suitable for outdoor applications, maintaining performance under prolonged exposure to sunlight.

We provide various packaging and shipping options to cater to different customer needs:

  • Packaging: PP Raffia Grade-T03 is available in bags, typically 25 kg each, or in bulk packaging such as super sacks for larger quantities.
  • Shipping: We ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements for the safe transportation of polypropylene resin. Our logistics team coordinates secure and timely delivery to both domestic and international customers.

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